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​  Model A' Maintenance

Oil Changes, Cooling System, and Lubrication??  We all ask the same question and here are some fundamentals to follow.  


A. Oil Changes:


This has been a topic that is discussed frequently, and you will get many different opinions on it. The recommended interval has always been every 500 hundred miles. With the new oils today, that is not the steadfast rule anymore. Many people are using a good synthetic 10w30 oil that can be changed every 1500 miles and some every 2500 to 5000. Today’s driving is much different than in the days of Henry Ford, our streets are paved and most of us do not drive more than 2500 miles a year on average. Depending on how you drive and where you drive will also play a factor in this decision. Remember OIL is the LIFE BLOOD of your engine. Do not skimp on the quality ever!!


B. Radiator Water:


I repeat WATER. NOT antifreeze during the driving months of your car. The Ford Model A engine is not a pressurized system therefore it does not need antifreeze. Use regular distilled water with a rust inhibitor and all will be fine, It is recommended to change 2x a year. however, if you are in a cold climate and will be storing your car in an unheated garage. Antifreeze is used during the winter months to prevent freezing and cracking the block. Come springtime, drain your radiator of all antifreeze, run a gallon water through with a radiator cleaner and run the car for 5 minutes, drain and replace with clear clean water and radiator rust inhibitor.


C. Lubrication:


Do not skimp on this area, there are many charts available from local vendors that will give you the recommended lubrication intervals and locations where the car is to be lubed. Use a good grease available from your local parts store or any of the Model A vendors listed on the MARK website. There are 2 different grease fitting on the Model A. You can get the adapters from any Model A parts distributor.   


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