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Leaf Springs Need ‘EZ Slide®’


Over many years of working on Model ‘A’ Fords we’ve tried numerous solutions to lubricating the springs. The spring is an important component in the Model ‘A’. It allows the wheels to handle bumps and road imperfections without severely jarring the occupants of the car. [Good luck on the Spring (no pun) roads, ed.]


Well, getting the leaf springs to slide easily is a challenge. They are under a great deal of pressure once installed on the axles. We have used grease (very much a mess), tried Teflon tape, again not too effective.


A few years ago, we heard of a graphite infused paint called EZ SLIDE®. EZ-SLIDE® is a graphite alkyd based lubricating paint that bonds quickly to any clean metal, wood, concrete and most plastic surfaces. This product is sold in Tractor Supply locations for use on various farm equipment. It is made by Van Sickle Paint Manufacturing.  


Typical Uses: EZ-SLIDE® graphite paint can be used on farm equipment, industrial or home applications such as gravity boxes, corn picker heads, bean combines, mowers, truck and wagon beds, dump bins, snowplow blades, etc.


Surface Preparation: The surface to be painted must be clean and dry. Remove all dirt, grease or loose scaling paint by wire brushing, scraping or sanding. Sand all glossy surfaces with sandpaper for better adhesion. Any rusty metal should be cleaned, and the rust removed. Clean new metal surfaces with a mineral spirit-soaked rag. Places that peel off are due only to improper surface preparation. Do not use oil or grease after applying EZ-SLIDE® as it will tend to loosen the bond. Always use appropriate protective equipment when sanding or spraying.


Application: Apply with a clean brush or sprayer. If thinning is necessary, use a small amount of paint thinner. Allow to dry for at least 60 minutes at 70º+ before applying a second coat to insure a good film base. Environmental Variables: Apply only when surface and air temperatures are between 50º and 90ºF. Avoid painting late in the day when dew and condensation are likely to form or when rain is threatening. Avoid painting on hot days in direct sunlight. Cool, wet, humid or over-applied coatings can greatly decrease a thorough cure and interfere with proper film formation. Always allow applied coat to dry before applying subsequent coats.


Dry-Times: Drying time for this product will be approximately 5 minutes to touch, 30 minutes tack free and 2 hours for thorough cure, at 70º+ until recoat. Allow to dry overnight before use. Clean-Up: Clean up all tools and equipment with paint thinner. 


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